Golf Swing Analysis Software

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Golf swing analysis software has had to develop very quickly to keep up with the changing technology in high speed cameras and other hardware used by teaching pros today. My preference is for Analyzr Pro for the Mac OS X. Pro ScreenshotAnalyzr Pro was designed and built BY golf instructors FOR golf instructors and students of the game. Built exclusively for Mac OS X, it takes full advantage of the platform’s unparalleled handling of video and graphics. This makes Analyzr Pro an extremely easy-to-use app that’s both smooth and powerful. Analyzr Pro golf swing analysis software has all the features pros and technology demand from their software.

analyzr pro golf swing analysis software

At the heart of the Pro version is a Library which includes student, lesson, and model folders, into which i can import unlimited videos. Once videos are imported i can move the videos and resize the viewers, measure, draw (lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals… you get the picture) and more. At the end of every lesson i have the ability to print or email screenshots with notes for the student, and if they choose record a video analysis ready to post to YouTube or copy directly to a student’s flash drive. As you can tell Analyzr Pro was created to make life easier for golf instructors everywhere. Thats why i have chosen it as my golf swing analysis software.

Analyzr also comes in a student edition. Full details of the whole range of golf swing analysis software available can be found by clicking this link

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